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Closer to nature, safer to the skin

R&D competitiveness of NFC :
Applying unique platform technology on variety of cosmetics raw-materials and end-products

Base Materials Research Team

NFC’s RM(Raw-Materials) Research Team focuses on developing next-generation high-functional cosmetics materials.
With our unique cosmetics stabilizing technology and accumulated R&D performance, NFC delivers essential materials fitting to our demanding customer needs.


Product processing expertise enabling full-scale applications

With unique know-how to stabilize unique base materials, NFC provides customized products fitting to high standards of our customers


Regulatory Support

Global market regulations are constantly changing. By building regulation support system, we deliver cosmetics satisfying global customer’s needs.


Patent based exceptional technology

NFC holds intellectual properties for our key technologies, MLV and nanoliposome Technology.

  • Patents for NFC Technology
  • Anhydrous surfactant
  • Method for producing amorphous surfactant
  • Amorphous surfactant sphingolipid
  • Emulsifier production method
  • Sunscreen composition production method
  • Patents for Nanoliposome Technology
  • Liquid emulsified cosmetics composition
  • Non-water composition containing
    alpha lipoic acid
  • BM-Simulrepeat production method
  • Non-water composition containing adenosine

Formulation Research Team

NFC’s Formulation Research Team endeavors to develop differentiated formulation by leveraging our unique base materials and functional cosmetics ingredients. We put systematic efforts to create new functional cosmetic formulations.


Concept Planning

From Concept to Customer,
One-Stop Approach

With unique know-how to develop unique base materials, NFC collaborates with global leading cosmetics companies from base materials to end products. NFC always tries to develop new concept products with exceptional function and effect.


Formulation Development

Product development experiences
by beauty experts

We creates wide range of cosmetics formulation based on our unrivaled technology and innovative ideas. To get ahead of rapidly changing cosmetics market trends, we always try to develop a broad-spectrum of cosmetics formulations



High quality & innovative
cosmetic formulas

With exceptional base materials development technology and accumulated formulation know-how, we deliver competitive products with stabilized functionality.