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Closer to nature, safer to the skin

NFC is a cosmetics specialized company with outstanding base materials development technology.

With exceptional source technology, NFC produces special cosmetics base materials and processes OEM/ODM cosmetics by collaborating with leading global cosmetics companies. NFC is not a large enterprise, but we’re proud to contain best of breed technology in the cosmetics market.

NFC People

  • Trustfulness

    Optimistic, earnest and responsible people

  • Team Players

    Considerate and
    cooperative personality

  • Adventurous Spirit

    Passonate person who prefers exiting challenges

  • Persistent

    Never give-up easily

Working at NFC

  • Fringe benefits

    • 4 types of insurance coverage
    • Meal plan
    • Expensed for congratulations and condolences
    • Holidays and anniversary gift

  • Work-life balance

    • Rewards for invention or process improvements
    • Self-development expenses
  • Fun at work

    • Health training room
    • Cafeteria
    • Club activities

Recruiting Process

  • Resume
  • Interview
  • Health Check
  • On Board

Required Documents

  • New graduates : Diploma, academic transcripts, and cover letter
  • Experienced workers : Resume and cover letter with detailed work experience and achievements